Top Five Weight Loss Tips


#1 Track Your Food Choices:

The simplest way to start making better food choices is to start writing them down. Tracking your food choices makes you more likely to make better decisions. If you are trying to lose weight, you are going feel satisfaction when you write that you had a healthy homemade salad for lunch. If you have to write that you had a Big Mac for lunch, you’ll probably feel pretty upset with the decision you made and you’ll be less likely to make that decision in the future. Simply being aware of your decisions regarding food choices will help you lose weight.

#2 Move as Much as Possible:

We live in the digital age. Many of us have careers that require us to sit at a desk for 8-10 hours per day. Lack of movement can lead to a host of health problems, not to mention obesity. If you don’t have time to incorporate cardio/weightlifting sessions into your busy life, try making simple changes that require more movement in your day. If you live close enough, try riding a bike to work. If that’s not an option, spend your lunch break walking with co-workers. It only takes 10 minutes to eat a typical work day lunch. That means you have at least 20 minutes that you could spend exercising. Even simple tasks like cleaning the house and doing laundry can burn calories so get up and get moving.

#3 Hit the Gym:

Gym memberships are becoming more and more affordable as America aims to tackle its obesity epidemic. Some gyms are now open 24 hours a day- even America’s busiest super mom has time for that! You don’t have to go total gym rat crazy, but three 30-60 minute exercise sessions per week can do serious wonders for weight loss. Weight training will help you increase your metabolism and build lean muscle while cardio will help you shed those extra pounds. Try to incorporate a little cardio and strength training in each of your workouts for maximum weight loss results.

#4 Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Quality:

Our bodies regenerate tissue with the help of the food we eat. In other words, we are literally what we eat. If you eat unhealthy food, you will look and feel unhealthy. Don’t obsess over the calories in the food you eat- obsess over the quality of the food you eat. Try to eat a diet high in protein from healthy pastured animals. Incorporate healthy omega 3 fats into your diet such as coconut and olive oil, nuts and seeds, and oily fish such as salmon. Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables. Limit carbohydrates, and cut out processed food entirely. The better you eat, the better you feel.

#5 Try All-Natural Supplements:

We all know that there are millions of weight loss products on the shelves of every supermarket, pharmacy, and supplement store. The problem? Most of them are dangerous and barely any of them work. Luckily, there are natural alternatives that are safe and effective. Superfoods such as Green Coffee Beans, African Mangos, and Acai Berries have been turned into all-natural supplements that are clinically proven to aid in weight loss. As with anything you ingest, quality is key. Choose supplements made from only pure and proven ingredients. Avoid supplements that contain fillers, flow agents, stimulants, or anything artificial. Always buy supplements from reputable companies and remember to do your research and consult with a doctor. Most of your nutrients should come from whole organic foods, but organic vitamins and supplements can be a great way to boost weight loss.

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